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CSA Garden


The garden and flower share application for the 2019 season is now available at the link below.

CSA Application

If you would like more information about the CSA here is a link to our brochure.

CSA Brochure


Update to CSA sharers:

3/4/2109- We are offereing a class at Rising Sun Holistic Choices near the Avondale area about how to read and use the biodynamic calendar.  This is of interest to gardeners as well as to folks who may want to know more about what makes our certified organic veggies different from the rest! Come see us March 16th at 1pm to learn and ask questions!

1/15/19 - This years applications are ready for you!  Thank you for your interest in our 2019 CSA.  We have already ordered our seeds and are excited to share.


The farm is located in an 89 acre valley, 15 minutes south of Canton at:

1044 Battlesburg st sw
East Sparta, OH 44626


Weekly pick-ups will be on Wednesdays from 3-7pm at the farm, May 22nd to October 2nd.

For the last seven seasons we have enjoyed potluck dinners with all the farm's stakeholders during the season as well. These community events are of course not required, but are educational, really fun and delicious!!   You won't want to miss them!

We will be growing for 30 shares as well as contracted organic herb crops, flowers shares, flowers by the stem in bulk, and spring plant sale this year.  There will be a tentative schedule of working times this summer, with the understanding that we don't expect folks to work in thunderstorms or deep mud like we have done at times.  I'll be updating this page (above) as we go along this summer, so feel free to check here now and then to see what folks are doing at the farm.

Mondays and Thursday mornings 8-12 we'll be working in the gardens. Planting, cultivating, mulching and harvesting for seed.  There will be at least two Saturday Community garden "work days".  These will be for the big crops, that more folks make more fun for everyone. Specific Saturdays soon to follow.

Other days/times will be scheduled individually as we go through the season according to weather and visitors' schedules. Possible activities include all aspects of gardening/composting, milking/moving cows, feeding calves, moving beef cows/fence work, field crop harvest, making hay/straw, feeding/moving broilers, processing of broilers, greenhouse work, seed saving activities and more!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please always be sure that someone from our family is at the farm with you when you come. We want to be welcoming, but no one is ever invited to spend time at the farm without us. Between the pond, the bull, the farm equipment, and the too-smart cows that like to eat cabbage and sweet corn, we feel it is our duty to our sharers to always be present with visitors when they are at the farm.  Your cooperation is what will allow us to continue to invite folks to enjoy and learn at our farm. Please, help us share it!

CSA Share Specifics

How Much?

As we ordered seeds this year, we figured a "full share" to be a family of four non-vegetarians.  Our goal will be an average of 15 pounds a week.  This will vary according to season - lighter early on and heavier later.  Please keep in mind that the amount and variety of veggies per week will vary according to season.  Price per share will be $600 for the 20-weeks. These shares are being offered on a first come first serve basis. Once the shares are filled we will start a waiting list for next season. If you would like to do a half share, you should decide how to "share the share" with another family. We suggest doing every-other week pick-ups. We've had several families share shares happily this way.

Why spend extra time at the farm?
For the past four years now, we've sent out an end-of-the-season survey to get a feel for what was going well and what needed to be improved.  We found that the families who were the most involved with the actual gardening/harvesting activities at the farm were by far the most satisfied with their experience. Several families regularly came early on pick-up days and enjoyed exploring at the farm as well as lending a hand with the harvest.  It was the folks who thought they would have a drive-through, kind of grocery experience that were the least satisfied.  We like the CSA concept because it is not just a simple transaction of food for money.  It's focus is more of connecting folks with the experience of land, community, and a clean, local food source.   There's many possibilities for participation and education!
~Just food for thought as you make decisions for your family. 



CSA Planting List for 2019

Beans-several varieties/colors
Brussels sprouts
Carrots- several varieties

Celery and celeriac

Edamame (soybeans)
Ground cherries


Onions-green as well as mature
Peas-edible podded types
Peppers-several sweet and hot types
Potatoes-three varieties
Squash-summer and winter varieties
Sweet corn
Sweet potatoes
Swiss Chard
Tomatoes-many paste,cherry and slicing varieties, a couple "groovy" varieties too
Water cress
The garden share also includes a pick-your-own, fresh-herb garden.

What's in the herb garden?

The herb gardens has moved!  It is now right next to the garden shed, and much of it is in rasied beds. It will include culinary as well as medicinal and tea herbs:
 basil, bay leaf, borage, calendula, catnip, catmint, chamomile, chervil, chives, cilantro, dill, fennel, feverfew, lavender, lemon balm, marigold, mint (peppermint, spearmint, and chocolate mint), nasturtiums, nettles, oregano, parsley( sweet italian), sage, savory, sorrel, stevia, tarragon, thyme, violas, yarrow

Flower Shares

We offer weekly bouquets of flowers from our cutting gardnes as a separate share. This year we are asking $140 for the full 20 week season. 

We welcome questions, and requests.  We really went crazy at the end of the season last year and will be stocked with many kinds of flowers. In our weakness for flowers, Luke and I added yet more dahlias, 7 more lilacs, another 13  peonies, more crocosmia, more stone crops,  and an abundant amount of annuals to our cutting gardens for the 2019 season.  Tell your friends folks, we will have abundant flowers and hope to design and supply wedding this year!!!

I look forward to another gardening/summer adventure with you!


Amy Simon

330 484-2996 (rings at the farmhouse - best for leaving a message)