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Pastured Eggs

3/4/2019- After much waiting the blue-eggers as well as the new young brown and white egg hens are laying and we have eggs - come and get them in the front of the farmhouse here at 1044 Batlesburg st sw East Sparta ohio!  We are well-stocked!

3/27/2018-Brown and white eggs available every day in the farm store-room's fridge.  -AND Amy has ordered a small flock of blue-egg-layers they are coming tomorrow with the first broilers chicks.We should have blue eggs in the cartons by the end of the summer!

1/9/2017- We now have fluffy little replacement chicks in the garage under warm heat lamps.  The old brown-egg ladies are laying fewer, but bigger eggs that hardly fit in the cartons any longer!  These new chicks will begin laying by June.  Looking forward to an abundant supply again!

3/9/2016-The ladies are enjoying this warm spring, and laying well.  I have added 12 new young leghorn pullets that should begin laying their white eggs sometime around the beginning of June.  I'm looking forward to more colors in the egg cartons!  :-)