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Herdshare Program

(Updates on the dairy herd in journal form at bottom of page)

Certified Organic Dairy

Because we value the health benefits of whole, raw milk, we offer herd shares. The cows our sharers own with us are from Jersey and Brown Swiss breeding for rich butterfat and high protein.

1/14/2015-We are expecting two calves at the end of January.  A Jersey from Annabell and a Swiss from our oldest cow, Ruth. Sharers, plan on coming out on some sunny day to see them while they are new and cute!

4/19/13- We fed the last of the winter hay yesterday, and the dairy herd spent their first day out on new spring pasture today.  They were delighted.  All kinds of running and bucking going on out there!   "Creme" had her first calf Monday.  She is still giving colostrum which goes to her calf, but soon her milk will join the other's.  We are milking six cows now.  The next calf is expected from a registered Brown Swiss heifer "Gwinn".  Sharers, are encouraged to give a call or drop and email and come out to feed a bottle to one of these cute calves!