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Pastured Pork

Thanksgiving 2014- We have sent the last of our pastured, heritage pork to be processed.  Get some while it lasts!


On December 19th, 2010, the first three little pigs came to live at the Simon Certified Organic Family Farm!

They are registered "Gloucestershire Old Spot" pigs.  The American Livestock Breeds Conservacy lists this heritage breed as "critical" since there are so few of them.  These are young females, in the pig world they're called "gilts" until they have their first piglets. Once they've had their first litter of piglets, they are referred to as "sows".  Parsley, Sage and Rosemary, made themselves right at home in the pasture pen we had ready at the farm, and made a cozy nest of straw in their shelter.  Here you see Brian and Grace in the pigs' pen.  Breakfast is organic grains soaked in raw milk from our certified organic dairy cows.  When the weather turns warm again, they'll be pastured out on our certified organic fields, but for now they seem delighted with their diet!  Now the quest for an Old Spot "Mr. Right" begins. The three gilts are supposed to be a healthy breeding age in summer this year.

2/15/11 - We have located and sent downpayment to a breeder in New York for a not-yet born baby boy, 'Old Spot' from the appropriate family line.    Projected weaning time is May.  It's bound to be an interesting drive home in the Kia Rondo!

3/27/11 - The breeder has confirmed that "Patrick" has been born and is doing great.  Our adventure to the New York pig breeder's farm is on for May!

6/6/11- Patrick rode home fairly depressed, and seemed so relieved to see his new pen and mates!  He has made friends and is growing well, but looks still small compared to their blossoming size!  They all are wallowing everyday, and only look clean when it rains now... they seem to just love it!

10/20- The gilts all have showed a heat, then nothing now for a couple of months, so we are thinkng they are bred, and figure the first piglets should appear sometime around December 1st.  They are all getting really big!

3/2012-We have two litters of piglets from Sage and Rosemary.  Several families have come to see the new arrivals, and we can see them growing by the day! We'll be selling some registered GOS for breeding, and saving back some to raise up for certified organic pork.  They are so cute!

5/13/2012-Three of our piglets have gone to be registered old spot breeders at other farms so far.  We still have 12 piglets left and they are busy out on grass and growing well. They still prefer to have their grains soaked in our raw cow's milk before feeding time.   It's getting to be a trick to feed them - they are growing stronger, and 12 of them pushing to get to the feed bucket makes it hard to stay standing in their field!   I made an appointment today at our certified organic processors for a harvest date of August 15th.  We need to see how this heritage breed can be a sustainable part of a diversified farm....  I'm dreaming about a bit of organic heritage bacon to throw in with all those greens from the CSA gardens this summer!

9/2012- We finally have graduated from "pig" to "pork"!!  All you admirers of these free ranging little heritage porkers, can finally take some home to try!  Here's what we have to offer so far:


Product/Price List

Ground (whole hog) Pork   $7.50/lb.

Breakfast sausage(not in casings)   $8.00/lb.

Boneless Pork chops,  Bone-in Loin roast  $10.00/lb.

Pork Shoulder Roasts(bone-in)      $7.00/lb

Smoked Ham Roasts  $8.00/lb

Smoked nitrate free Bacon $9.00/lb.

Regular and Hot Italian Bratwurst  $8.00/lb

Fat Back Lard   $3.50

Pork Liver  $2.50/lb

Ham Hocks  $4.25/lb.


We really enjoy pictures.  Maybe you will too.  This is a current picture of Patrick our Black Family Boar.

Picture of Patrick


Here is the littler of piglets born on November 16, 2012

Piglets w/Sage


Here is some of the littler of piglets born on October 3, 2012


piglets w rosemary


  • Baby Back Ribs
  • Boneless Center-Cut
    Pork Roast
  • Pork Rib Chops
  • Pork Tenderloin
  • Rack Roast of Pork